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As a small, close knit team, Run & Follow works diligently to uphold and work towards being a sustainable brand. In the modern world, no brand is 100% sustainable and if they say they are, they are lying to you. To understand our definition of sustainability and what a company needs to do to be 100% sustainable, read below.

Because no one is perfect, we want to state that we are Sustainability Focused. We are constantly improving, educating and working on the brand to make it better. Better for you, better for us, better for the environment, for our factory workers, and better for the world overall. 

Our pieces are designed to be high quality, low impact. They are built to last, built to change with you as you grow, and built to help you chase your dream life.

Our corporate structure is composed of an extremely small all female team. We strive to make our pieces genderless and to be representative of all lifestyles in our branding and business structure. We are an all inclusive brand from our corporate back end to our branding. Our pieces are unisex, size inclusive. and never discriminatory. We would like to say, if you don’t see your size or yourself represented, we would love to message and hear your thoughts. We are also capable of creating custom pieces. We're planning and working to add a larger size variety in the coming year but began our launch with just core sizes on recommendation of our factory and pattern grader.

Our materials are sourced and produced with the intention of our pieces being lower impact. We currently create small orders of 100 or less pieces to minimize waste. Pieces not in the capsule collection are hand made by Anna and her team in the greater NYC area out of 85%-100% recycled and second hand materials. As for the Capsule Collection, there are various components. Some of our fabrics are sourced dead stock in LA. This means that we take rolls of fabric that would have been discarded or that other brands were not using instead of using water, chemicals, and resources to make brand new fabric. Any fabrics that we do not source dead stock are OKET certified which means or certified organic. Finally, our duck canvas fabric is milled locally in the US. 

We hand dye many of our pieces individually with all natural dyes to minimize water and run off. We state more details on production of individual styles in the product descriptions. 

The factory we currently work with pays all workers fair wages and upholds a safe, clean work environment. We have seen it with our own eyes to ensure there is no worker exploitation or safety violations as far as we can see. 

Currently, we are researching other ways to be more sustainable including: carbon offsetting our shipping, getting recycled and recyclable packaging, tags and more. 

As we grow we look forward to working with or owning our own factory and wash house to control more of the process. 


Our price point reflects the decisions we make, but we work with a smaller markup in order to make the price point approachable to a variety of consumers. We decided to make many of our decisions with the environment and humans in mind instead of with money in mind. As we scale and build more connections, sell more pieces, and hear feedback we are hopeful that we will be able to have a wider price range for different lifestyles. 

We believe in 100% transparency with our shoppers. We want you to understand the hard work and effort we have made and feel comfortable opening up a conversation with us and asking questions. 

Too often brands just throw pieces out into the world without explaining anything or being honest and we want to change that mentality.

When you shop, from us or from other brands, always ask questions. Who made this? Where is it from? Are the dyes safe? Is this built to last or is it built to be thrown away after a few wears?