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The Concept

Two collections. The Capsule Collection is full of staple wardrobe basics redesigned to be multi purpose through snaps, buttons, pulls, and ties. More versatile clothing that can change with your plans, weather, and style encourages more mindful consumption and less shopping. All pieces in this collection are seasonless.

RAF pieces are produced as ethically as possible. All contracted workers including those at our LA factories are paid fair wages and work in safe environments. Clothing is not worth endangering someone's life for. 

None of our pieces are 100% sustainable yet since it's currently impossible to fully track raw material sourcing and fabric production. But we are diligently minimizing our impact through small production runs of 100 or less pieces per style. Additionally, we prioritize the use of locally milled and deadstock fabric. Deadstock means that we take rolls of fabric that would have been discarded or excess from other companies' production runs instead of using water, chemicals, and resources to make brand new fabric. Any fabrics that we do not source dead stock are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified and bought in small quantities. 

Our secondary collection is the Studio Collection. This collection was born out of using every last scrap and our desire to make pieces that are more trend-focused without over saturating the market or subscribing to the fast fashion cycle. Most of these pieces are made to order or one of ones that we hand-sew in NYC. They are made of donated, salvaged and left over fabric. Often these are hand-dyed using natural or low impact dyeing methods. Please contact us directly via DM or email for a custom piece if a style you see in this collection is not your size or out of stock.

Together, these two collections allow our brand to flourish while encouraging the pursuit of personal style and mindful production and consumption.

We are constantly improving, educating and working on the brand to make it better. Better for you, better for us, better for the environment, for our factory workers, and better for the world overall. 

We believe in 100% transparency with our community. We want you to understand the hard work and effort we have made and feel comfortable opening up a conversation with us and asking questions. 

Too often brands just throw pieces out into the world without explaining anything or being honest, and we want to change that mentality.

When you shop, from us or from other brands, always ask questions. Who made this? Where is it from? Are the dyes safe? Is this built to last or is it built to be thrown away after a few wears?