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Product Care

Love your clothes and they will love you back.

Part of our sustainability mission is to create high quality garments that last for years to come and can become treasured staple items in your wardrobe. We create them using high quality materials, sewn by expert manufacturers in Los Angeles and New York and sent to your doorstep. After they get to you, washing and caring for them they will last a lifetime.

Here are our tips on keeping everything as new as they day they arrived items.

Our Capsule Collection can be washed on delicate or gentle and left to lay flat or hang to air dry. We recommend washing all pieces including the detached pieces every time you wash the item so they age and maintain the same shade of color.

For the first wash, put them in separately and in future washes they can be mixed in with like colors and fabrics.

Hand made items from our Studio Collection should be hand washed separately in cold water and left to air dry. These pieces were made by hand out of limited quantity fabric.

Bags, accessories and painted and embroidered items from RAF should be spot cleaned as necessary and never washed in the washing machine.

Dry cleaning all items is also an option.


The RAF Team