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A seasonless label created with sustainability in mind for the person on the go.

Run & Follow creates unique clothing to get you from day to night, from flights to destinations, from dreams to reality. We specialize in clothing that changes with your plans and one of a kind upcycled statement pieces. 

Our latest Capsule Collection is the foundation of the perfect wardrobe for the modern lifestyle. All the pieces are multi functional and are designed to adapt to the wearer through snaps, pulls, and buttons. We designed the collection with intention from concept to execution. All pieces are manufactured in California, designed in New York. All fabrics, trims, and production decisions were made with sustainable manufacturing on the forefront of our agenda. The collection will continue to expand as we grow with more pieces being added every season. 


Run & Follow began as an idea from founder and creative director Anna Butler in 2016. She began running a personal style and lifestyle blog under that same name. RAF blog was centered around encouragement and inspiration for people to “run & follow” their goals, aspirations and dreams while she did the same. The community has grown over the years and the blog can still be found here where it is updated weekly with fashion education, style, and motivation. 

Anna is a self taught designer and began posting styled pictures of pieces she had designed and hand made on her blog. People began asking about these pieces leading her to create customs for others. Creating one of a kind pieces out of primarily upcycled materials fulfilled two goals: minimizing her clothes' impact on the environment and creating unique pieces that no one else would be wearing. After a local boutique asked for a wholesale order of handmade vintage tees in 2017, Run and Follow Shop was officially born. 

Now, a few years down the line in 2019 Anna and her small team began developing an actual collection, the Capsule Wardrobe which is a seasonless collection that will constantly grow with each year to fulfill the needs of stylish and ambitious he’s, she’s, they’s.

The idea for the capsule wardrobe began developing after Anna moved to NYC and was trying to juggle class, work, and an active social life without having time to stop at her apartment to change multiple times a day. Pants that transform into shorts, a button down that transitions into a going out blouse, and a long sleeve that turns into a short sleeve.

Each piece fulfills fundamental necessities of a wardrobe in a multi purpose manner. Consider them the perfect building blocks to a wardrobe. As a sustainability focused brand we have taken many steps to lower the brand's impact on the environment, be ethical in our corporate lifestyle and non exploitative with our material sourcing and production methods.