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Run & Follow is a seasonless label focused on sustainability through intentional design, transparent conversations and educational resources.                                              

It was 2017 when creative director AJ Butler moved to NYC and realized she needed clothing that could keep up with her life. From there, Run & Follow began. Designed for the person on the go, Run & Follow specializes in modular clothing through snaps, buttons, and ties. From shifting relationships to changing career paths, AJ needed a wardrobe that truly could physically transform with plans through removable sleeves and adjustable hemlines. 

Run & Follow Design Ethos: Intentional, modular design + zero waste. Consumer education + empowerment.

Modular design is intentional design. Each piece serves multiple functions in the wearers closet. The purpose of our designs transforming is to challenge people to truly develop a personal style and avoid trends. When a shirt or pant can change into multiple versions it allows you to buy less. These pieces should represent the building blocks of your wardrobe. They can be worn season after season. You will find modular design elements used in a vast majority of our designs.

Zero Waste

Using every scrap of fabric, donated second hand clothing for reworks, saving even the finest thread to be reused are some of the ways we focus on zero waste. Another way is through intentional production.

First, Pattern Making. As of September 2023 we have shifted a focus to develop new patterns for RAF to be as close to zero waste as possible. This means designing patterns to not have gaps in between pieces and to utilize as much of the fabric on each roll as possible.

As of January 2024 RAF has moved away from product inventory. Remaining inventory is still being sold however we are shifting to a Made-To-Order, Pre-Order + Custom Piece only model. Having inventory is not sustainable because it relies on having materials allowed to be used to make specific styles, color ways and styles.

Consumer Education + Empowerment

RAF has always opened conversations with clients and encourages questions on its processes through transparent media posts that take clients behind the design and production process. In 2024 RAF has taken this. Step further by beginning to provide educational tutorials, resources and posts on clothing repair, production, shopping and the apparel industry as a whole. The most sustainable clothing is the clothing you already own therefore providing resources on how to take care of clothing, even if it is not from us is the most natural thing we can do as people who do truly care about the environment and our clients.